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Virtual Reality Visual Field

Your visual field is the entire area that can be seen with your eyes looking forward. It includes your line of sight and your peripheral vision. Subtle changes in your peripheral vision can indicate serious medical problems, such as glaucoma, or a stroke. Ophthalmologists have used automated equipment to detect even slight changes in your peripheral vision. Changes in your vision that you may not even be aware can be hiding an impending problem.Your visual field is critical to diagnosing eye diseases like glaucoma and cataractssisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.ccsisipisi.cc.

Humphrey Visual Field

Automated perimeters are the computerized machines that measure your visual field. The majority of the automated perimeters used today, follow the same design that is over 30 plus years old. They also use computer technology that was state of the art near the turn of the century. This is years before the first iPhone.

We have begun using a more advanced unit that is completed using virtual reality. Virtual reality technology allows for a more comfortable and mobile test. The software also trims 10 to 50% of the time the test takes with equivalent validity. One of the most significant issues with automated perimeter testing is patient fatigue. If the test can accomplish the same result in a shorter period, the accuracy of the test will be greater.

Virtual Reality Visual Field

We believe the virtual reality test we provide is better for the patient, more accurate in the results and state of the art. Our management of glaucoma and other diseases which effect the visual field is markedly improved.