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Congratulations to our Graduate!


Mark E. Moran, D.O.Mark E. Moran, D.O., M.S.H.I., F.A.O.C.O

Dr. Mark Moran has added another degree to his already impressive set of academic accomplishments.  He recently completed a Master of Science in  Health Informatics (MSHI) at Drexel University.  We are very proud of our graduate!

This area of study provides knowledge of how to use information technology efficiently and responsibly to improve health outcomes.

Dr. Moran explains why pursuing this degree was important to him.

“I’ve always had a dual career in both medicine and computers. I pursued my medical degree to allow me to practice medicine.  At the same time, I continued my computer career without an official degree.  The online Drexel program allowed me to formalize that computer experience, without taking time away from seeing my patients. With the integration of computers and informatics in medicine today, the two career paths have merged into one.”

As a practicing physician, Dr. Moran brought a unique first-hand perspective to his course of study.  He was able to apply his knowledge directly to his practice, Moran Eye Associates, in Bethlehem, PA.  Now, his patients benefit not only from his medical experience, but also from his awareness of how healthcare information can be managed and shared for better patient care.

This newly accredited Drexel program was developed with the following mission statement:

The mission of the MSHI program is to advance national healthcare goals by preparing health informatics professionals to exercise leadership in an increasingly patient-centered and data-driven environment.

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Dr. Moran is a Drexel University Graduate

The program pursues this mission by offering an interdisciplinary, broad-based curriculum that encourages engagement with industry and fosters both research-based and experiential learning.

For more information on this degree program, click to visit the Drexel University website: Drexel University MSHI