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Moran Eye Associates brings technology to patients who have low vision.

Dr. Tang offers technology solutions to help improve vision.

Bianca Tang, O.D., is now scheduling Low Vision Evaluations.  She offers patients the solutions they need to make the most of the vision that they have.

People with low vision have difficulty seeing even if they are wearing glasses.  These patients may have only partial sight, such as blurred vision, blind spots or tunnel vision.  The cause of these issues may be macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.

Although this type of vision loss can impact people of all ages, it is primarily associated with older adults.

With the right technology, we can help patients regain the ability to enjoy improved sight both near and far.

Devices available in our office.

Near Vision: Reading/Writing, Home Repairs, Needlework, Crafting, Using the Computer

Distance Vision: Watching TV, Movies, Shopping, Viewing Sporting Events and Plays.

Our goal is to help patients live more independently by making everyday tasks easier.

Dr. Tang will help patients develop strategies that lead to a more independent and active lifestyle.  By pairing patients with the right magnification aids, she can maximize their remaining sight.  

These devices enhance contrast, control glare, and magnify objects.  Some of these tools are lightweight and portable, so you can once again enjoy reading a menu, watching a ball game or working on projects around the house.

Schedule your evaluation appointment today.  Financial assistance is available for patients who qualify. 


To schedule your evaluation, call or text 610-628-2022, or click for an appointment request.