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If you have dry eye, you are not alone. 

Dry eye is one of the most commonly reported eye complaints.  Dry eye is a chronic medical problem that may get worse over time. We now offer in-office heat therapy treatments that target the cause of dry eye, and help preserve a healthy tear system.

Dry Eye Symptoms: Along with pain, sandy or gritty feeling, and redness, dry eye can cause eye fatigue and blurred vision. It can also cause difficulty in reading or working on a computer. These symptoms can impact your daily activities.

If you have any of these symptoms but artificial tears aren’t providing relief, it may be time for heat therapy.

15-Minute Heat Therapy Treatments Now Available in our Office:  Moran Eye Associates is now offering a safe, in-office, FDA-approved heat therapy. Dr. Moran recommends starting with four 15-minute weekly treatments to help improve the quality of your tear film.

Here’s How Heat Therapy Works:  Heat therapy targets one of the major causes of dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).   The meibomian glands, which are located in your upper and lower eyelids, provide an essential part of your tear film, lipids (oils).  If these glands are blocked, the quality of your tear film suffers. Without these oils, tears evaporate too quickly.

Heat therapy clears blocked meibomian glands, allowing the lipids to flow, and tear film to improve


What Happens During Treatment?  While you are seated in a recliner, a technician will adjust the therapy glasses for optimal results. Then, you can sit back, relax and enjoy 15 minutes of targeted heat therapy. A week later you can return for a repeat treatment

How Do I Get Started? Schedule your appointment for a tear film evaluation to see if this treatment is right for you. Once Dr. Moran confirms the diagnosis of the Dry Eye Syndrome/MGD, you can start treatment right away.

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Pricing:  $59 for the 1st Treatment. 

Package of 4 additional treatments: $179

For optimal results, Dr. Moran recommends starting your therapy with weekly treatments.

P.S.  Dr. Moran and our entire staff have used this heat therapy treatment and are impressed with our results!