Curious About Cataracts?

Most people over the age of 50 will develop cataracts at some time in their lives.

The good news is that cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes just minutes to perform with a quick recovery time.

How would I know if I have a cataract?    A cataract develops gradually, so you may not notice a big change in your vision from one day to the next.  A cataract can easily be detected during a routine eye exam.  If you are starting to notice any of the following issues, you should make an appointment with Dr. Moran.

  1. Glare or Halos    
  2. Poor Night Vision  
  3. Cloudy or Blurry Vision                               –
  4. Colors Look Faded    
  5. Double Vision in One Eye

Many patients say that after cataract surgery they have the best vision of their lives.

During your cataract surgery, Dr. Moran will remove the cloudy lens of the eye, and replace it with a clear intraocular lens (IOL).  When we take your surgery measurements you will have some choices when it comes to the type of lens implant you will have.

You can choose:

  • A Mono-focal IOL will provide you with one point of focus (like regular eyeglasses)
  • A Toric IOL provides one point of focus and corrects your astigmatism.
  • A Multi-focal IOL (ReSTOR) allows for a full range of vision – near, intermediate and distance – greatly reducing your need for glasses.
  • A Multi-focal IOL (ReSTOR/TORIC) which allows for a full range of vision – near intermediate and distance  & corrects your astigmatism.

We will talk to you about your daily life and your visual needs before we schedule your surgery.   We will review your lens choice options so that you get the right lens for you.  Dr. Moran will use his expertise to help you get the best outcome.

If you have questions about cataracts, contact our office for an appointment. We will make sure that you have all the information that you need when you are ready for cataract surgery.



Great Vision-Great Cause

Make a $250 Donation – Get a $1,000 LASIK Credit with our Great Vision – Great Cause program!

Logan's Heroes Headline

 Dr. Moran is an expert LASIK surgeon who has been improving vision for 20 years. Through the Moran Eye Associates’ Great Vision-Great Cause program, he has found a way to use his surgical skill to benefit both his patients and the community.

Soldiers and animals benefit from Logan's Heroes Animal Rescue

The healing ability of the human-animal relationship is a key focus of this rescue. Logan’s Heroes also focuses on helping local veterans by providing dogs to assist those vets suffering from PSTD. This unique, paired focus provides healing benefits for both the animals and their human companions.

How to start the LASIK process (and benefit Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue too!):

  1. Call for a free LASIK consult 610-628-2022. 
  2. If you  are a candidate for this procedure, you can save on LASIK with our Great Vision – Great Cause
  3. Make your tax-deductible $250 donation to Logan’s Heroes.
  4. You will receive a $1,000 credit* toward LASIK with Dr. Moran.
  5. Schedule your surgery and apply the savings!
  6. Receive a thank you and a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Adopt Brittany at Logan's Heroes

Want to learn more about Logan’s Heroes? Visit their website

*Limit one credit per patient. Valid on LASIK procedures scheduled between June 1 and September 30, 2017.

Schedule your FREE LASIK appointment today!  Click to Request an Appointment or call us at 610-628-2022.


3 GREAT Reasons to Refer Your Friends

Refer a friend or family member to Moran Eye Associates and we will say thank you with your choice of rewards:

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • $25 Gas Gift Card
  • $25 Donation in YOUR NAME to Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue*.

Everyone benefits from great eye health.  Share the Care, and refer a new patient to our office for quality eye care from a respected and experienced doctor.

Dr. Moran and his staff are now seeing patients in the newly renovated Bethlehem office.

We welcome new patients of all ages to our warm, friendly, professional office. We promise to provide excellent service and expert care to your family and friends.

Dr. Moran continues to provide all of the eye care services that have earned him a five-star reputation in the Lehigh Valley over the past 25 years.

LASIK – Dr. Moran offers patients a new look on life with LASIK vision correction surgery.  In just a few minutes you can see more clearly without the need for your distance glasses or contacts.  A free 1-hour Consultation will answer the question “Am I a LASIK candidate?”.

CATARACTS –   Dr. Moran provides surgical expertise and advanced technology lens implants to help you see better than you have in years!

COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAMS:  Even if you don’t need a new pair of glasses, you should have a vision exam on a regular basis.  Early detection of eye disease is the best way to preserve your sight.

MEDICAL EYE CARE – Care for glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye issues are all provided with Dr. Moran’s compassionate care.

Call us today to schedule your appointment.  We’ll reward you with excellent care…and a little something extra when you Share the Care!  610-628-2022

*To learn more about Logan’s Heroes and their mission: “Rescuing Pets Supporting our Vets”, visit them online at Logan’s Heroes.


Renovations are Underway!

 Fountain Hill will never be the same!

 We are undergoing renovations and updates to the facility, including state of the art equipment. Our patients will be greeted by many of the same staff they have grown accustomed to over the years!

Why People Delay LASIK

Don’t delay!  Get the facts you need to make the best decision for you about LASIK surgery.

“I wish I had done this years ago!”

We often hear this statement from patients soon after their LASIK procedure. Why did they wait so long?  The top two answers are:  Cost of & Fear of Surgery

Let’s help dispel both of those issues.

COST:  When you look at the price of LASIK, don’t think of it as a cost, but as an investment that will pay off as long-term savings.

Consider the cost of glasses and contact lenses over time. The average cost of glasses is $250-$400. They can cost you even more if you have multiple pairs or use prescription sunglasses!

If you wear contacts, you may be paying $250 per year…If you need specialty contacts, the cost could be even more!

If you add these numbers over time, you can see that LASIK can save you money over your lifetime.

FEAR:  We understand that Eye Surgery can be a worrisome prospect. When you consider that LASIK is an outpatient procedure that takes only minutes to perform, you can rest easier.  LASIK and PRK have been proven safe and effective by the FDA. The risk of complications resulting from LASIK surgery is less than 1%.

We make sure that you understand what happens during the procedure to dispel your fears.  Dr. Moran has a very calming demeanor during surgery. He treats each patient with care.  He will talk to you throughout your procedure so that you are aware and informed.  We know that the more you know about what to expect during surgery, the less you will need to worry!

Here is a step-by-step summary of what you can expect during your LASIK procedure:

  1. During LASIK, you will be awake and alert in a reclined position.
  2. Your eyes will be numbed by a series of drops.
  3. Your eye will be held open by a lid holder  – so you won’t have to worry about blinking!
  4. Your vision goes dark for a few seconds while Dr. Moran creates the flap.
  5. The flap is then opened, like the page of a book.
  6. A cool laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue underneath the flap.
  7. The flap is closed and Dr. Moran smoothes it back into place.

Worried about the risks of surgery?  The risk with LASIK surgery is very low. Making sure that you have an experienced surgeon like Dr. Moran, and you can reduce your risk even further.   Dr. Moran has done thousands of LASIK procedures.

The first step is yours.  Come and see us for a FREE LASIK consultation.  Dr. Moran and his expert staff will answer all of your questions and help you feel confident that this procedure is right for you.